Biometric Identity Verification

An Identity Verification Report is a document that is issued after an individual’s thumb prints are scanned, uploaded and searched through the South African Department of Home Affairs database. The search is done in real time and electronically issued.

The Report will state whether or not the fingerprints taken matches with the individual’s Identity Number as recorded by the South African Department of Home Affairs and if the individual is alive or deceased. The process of capturing the individual’s thumb prints can be done with an Android Mobile Device by potential Employers purchased from Checkid or a professionally trained Agent can be booked to capture and issue a report.

In conclusion the report will indicate if the individual is who he/she claim to be.

SACE Registration Assistance

It is Law in South Africa that if you want to teach at any Private or Public School that you must register with the South African Council for Educators.

With this service we assist Educators with the registration process by taking fingerprints for the clearance report and Identity Verification, advise on the correct documentation and assist with the registration process with SACE. We have professionally trained consultants Nationwide that can be booked to assist Educators at Schools, Universities or Private dwellings.

School Safety Centre Programme

The School Safety Centre is a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) with the mission of assisting schools, throughout South Africa, create a safe environment for our children to learn in. The focus of this NPC is to implement a 2-tier Safe Schools Programme addressing areas of Social-, Cybre-, Occupational Health and Safety and Teacher Verification. The programme offers support by means of various toolkits and a report which guides the process of remediation at participating schools.

The organisation prides itself in assembling a team of highly skilled professionals that has strong credentials and referrals of measurable results produced in the workplace. Supporting this programme is not just an expense to an organisation, but an investment into the future wellbeing of families and communities in South Africa.

Police Clearance Certificates

Contact to make use of our Guy on a bike service if you live in the Pretoria area. Or alternatively visit one of our service centres for assistance.

What do I need for a Police Clearance Certificate to be done?
A full set of the applicant’s fingerprints must be taken in ink on a SAPS 91(a) when living in South Africa. Persons living outside South Africa, may apply at the any police station in that country or at the South African Embassy. Fingerprints must be taken on the official fingerprint forms of the applicable country or, if available, on the SAPS 91(a) fingerprint enquiry form.

The applicant must present his/her identity document/passport as proof of identity will be required. A certified copy of the applicants Identity document/passport must be attached to the SAP 91 form.

Should a maiden surname and/or other surnames be required on a Police Clearance Certificate, mention must be made thereof in the application and documentary proof of the maiden surname and/or other surnames (for example a certified copy of marriage certificate) must be attached to the application.

The prescribed SAPS fee is R160,00 per application. The required non-refundable tariff is payable in cash at the nearest police station or electronically into the South Africa Police Service’s account in favour of the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service. The banking details are as follow: ABSA cheque account number 4054522787; branch code 632005; Swift code ABSAZAJJXXX. In the case of an electronic payment, the letters “PCC” followed by the initials and surname or Identity number of the applicant must be indicated as reference.

For security purposes no copies of fingerprints or scanned versions of fingerprints will be processed. Completed certificates will also not be scanned and e-mailed to applicants.

Matric Certificate Verifications

Checkid is a registered Umalosi service provider.

Transaction types:
Applicant will provide Checkid with their Identity number and a verification will be done on the Identity number only.

For a full verification an applicant will provide a copy of their Matric certificate with an Id copy attached. Verification will then be done on the certificate and Identity.

Results within 5 working days of submission & proof of payment.

Qualification Verification

This is a great addition to your CV as qualifications can be bought and be falsified. An applicant will provide Checkid with a proper scanned PDF copy of their Identity Document and a copy of their Qualification Certificate. It is critical that copies must be clear and legible. Once submitted the verification certificate will be issued within approximately 3-5 working days depending on the Institution.

Child Protection Register Form 29 & Form 30

This is an enquiry by an Employer to establish whether an employee’s name appears in part B of the National Child Protection Register.

Contact to book an consultant or to enquire about the service.

Sexual Offenders Register J739 Form 8

National Register for Sex Offenders The NRSO was established by an Act of Parliament in 2007. It is a record of names of those found guilty of sexual offences against children and mentally disabled people.

The register gives employers in the public or private sectors such as schools, crèches and hospitals the right to check that the person being hired is fit to work with children or mentally disabled people.

The Register is not open to the public and is kept confidential. Anyone found guilty of sexual offence against children and mentally disabled people is put on the Register

Contact for enquiries or to book an consultant.

Walk In Service Centres

These are centres that are operating during the hours of 08h30 and 16h00 from Mondays to Fridays.

All listed services are provided from here.

School/Creche Registration & Business Management

We provide ECD registration and compliance support, assist in compiling a portfolio of evidence to submit for registration, and associated services to the ECD sector.

We can assist with the management of schools where it lacks knowledge e.g. legal, such as contracts, employee relations, policies and procedures, staff management and HR services, financial management, general management of schools/cheches such as timetabling (possibly), relationship management of parents, learners and all stakeholders.


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